Protects you from communicable diseases

Milktea Zero contains superfoods and rich in anti-oxidants that can boost your immune system and protect you from communicable diseases!

Milktea Zero is not only delicious, but it keeps your teeth, gut, and bones healthy! Rip the health benefits of Milktea Zero while indulging yourself!


Zero Added Sugar, but The Same Sweetness

Zero added sugar but has the SAME sweetness as of a regular milk tea – yes, it’s possible. Enjoy your favorite milktea the healthier way!

Guilt-free, lactose-free. Pick your Milktea Zero base with a choice of Almond Milk or Fresh Dairy Milk


First Artisinal Milktea shop in the Philippines

Carefully selected lux teas infused with freshly squeezed tropical fruit juices is another artisan iced drink to look forward to from Milktea Zero. We’re all about the raw processing of the quality ingredients and the delicate taste it brings.

Natural Sweetness By Yacon Root

Meet the Yacon Root – each of our milkteas are handcrafted everyday and made sweet by our natural, healthy Yacoon root. Locally grown in Benguet and Nueva Vizcaya, it contains Fructooligosaccharides, which is subtly sweet. This is a great low-glycemic, low calorie sweetener that helps keep blood sugar stable and promotes healthy digestion.
The Yacon syrup that we use is naturally extracted from the root everyday, keeping up with our promise to craft fresh, natural, and healthy milktea every day.
Syrup level is available for customization to suit your sweetness preference.

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FIRST ARTISANAL MILKTEA SHOP IN THE PHILIPPINES We make all ingredients from scratch, customize each one of them to your liking, and hand a crafted milktea drink to you fresh and delicious!